Living Sky Casino

Swift Current, Saskatchewan

For Living Sky Casino, the establishment of a theme for a native casino is a careful balance of representing culture while respecting the sanctity of heritage and traditions. Incorporating imagery, forms and materials that are consistent with the culture rather than a literal recreation of icons is the basis of the design approach. This results in a design that instills a sense of pride for the nations while at the same time creating a vibrant and stimulating gaming experience for the guest.

Almost any reference to culture and heritage can be traced back to the landscape and the environment, either directly or indirectly. These are cues that are universally identified by both first nation and non-native alike. Stacked fieldstone, artwork depicting local wildlife, ornamentation inspired by the lodge pole pine, and sculptural representations of fire, the basis of home life are a few of the concepts that make up the theme design.

Size: 49,000 Square Feet
Cost: $30 Million
Completion: 2008
Client: Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority
Responsibilities: Architectural Design, Exterior Theme Design, Interior Design, Interior Theme Design