Aqueduct Gaming Facility

Queens, New York

This winning design for the Aqueduct Gaming Facility was created in collaboration with Delaware North Companies Inc.
The main goals for the exterior view was to create a new vision that is fresh and exciting with form, light and color, unified identity to property (Casino, Lobby and Garage),create a clear sense of arrival (Grand Lobby), Critical mass of parking provides direct access (Convenience and Comfort). The entry lobby was purposed to take advantage of grade entry, direct access (Convenience and Comfort) from ground level, and drama and excitement creating a sense of imapct when a guest arrives.
The Interior View provides new vision fresh, exciting and dynamic. This approach gives variety within space( High/low spaces – player choice and comfortFloor Plan), good layout, easy to move across floor and a larger floor area, good
distribution of food and amenities and levels of product, and player choices and comfort-something for everyone. The main level is larger and allows a more comfortable layout to hit 4500 vlt. count and good flow across floor. The escalator provides convenient access to upper levels where there will be Guinness style sports bar, Access to simulcast in clubhouse, Las Vegas style international buffet and Fine dining venues.

Size: 330,000 Square feet
Cost: $250 Million
Completion: on the board
Client: Delaware North Companies Inc.
Responsibilities: Master Planning, Prime Architect, Programming, Interior Design